Saturday, July 16, 2011

Homemade Gourmet Vanilla Extract {Part I}

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  1. You got 98 vanilla beans for $30 - wow! This really intrigues me. I honestly have about 7 different brands of vanilla in my cupboard, because I love to try new ones to see how different they each are. You have really made me want to try and make my own vanilla. I might have to wait and check back with you in six months to see what you think about it! I would be the happiest person if someone gave me a bottle of homemade vanilla!

  2. I made vanilla for teacher's gifts a couple years ago. It was really fun but you do have to plan ahead. We didn't scrape out the meat of the bean though, just smooshed them and sliced them open. I'm interested to try it this was and see how it differs. Great tutorial.

  3. This is what I needed for my homemade organic ice cream :)

    Thanks for coming by my blog. Come back by anytime. I love visitors and comments.

    Enjoy the new week,
    LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

  4. I've been wanting to make this too and I guess now's the time if I'm thinking Christmas gifts!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a great idea and what a great price! I pay over $6 for two vanilla beans here in Alberta. This is totally something I'd like to try! :)

  6. That is amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing! I am visiting from Sumo's Sweet Stuff and I am a new follower!!! I hope you have a great week and that I see you around soon!!

  7. Wonderful post. I'm going to try this someday. I bet the end result will be amazing. If you have a moment, I would love for you to share this project on my Inspiration Board.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    carolyn | homework

  8. so going to try this! it sounds really good.

  9. Thanks for the in-depth tutorial! I had just ordered vanilla beans from Amazon. I paid around $8 with shipping for 10. They weigh one and a half ounces, so a little more expensive than yours, but since I'm only making enough for me right now, not too bad.

    I've seen some recipes, but had not read about scraping out the beans. Good to know. I just have to buy my vodka and get started!

  10. Hi there,

    Found this a few months back and made a note to make it after the holiday season was over (in time for next year's gifts) Love your tutorial and ordered the beans tonight from your source- will keep you posted! thanks for the great tutorial.