Sunday, September 18, 2011

In Need of Blog Header & Button Help

As you can see, my blog has no design. It is simply colored text. I like clean and simple, and it has worked well while I was "discovering" how to blog, and what to blog and whether it was going to be something I could keep up with.
I definitely want to keep up with it and grow. The problem is I am not a graphic or web designer. Many a tutorial I have read about customizing your header and creating your own buttons. It's just not something I have a backround in or understanding of.

I need your help. How did you create your custom header and buttons? Did you hire a designer to do it for you? Was it expensive? How did you go about finding the right person?

I live in rural Colorado, there isn't exactly a large pool of local tech savvy individuals to chose from. I called one lady and she worked out of her truck and suggested we meet at the grocery store parking lot. I was a little, um, uncomfortable with that idea.

If you have any tips or advise, please share!

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  1. If you want someone to make it all for you -

    If you want to learn to do it yourself, it's not as techy & tough as it looks. Try Kevin & Amanda for some good DIY tips -
    or try Sneaky Momma -
    And it doesn't take special software...I made my button & header with Picnik online.
    Hope you find what you need!

  2. I work for super cheap and love designing! I also offer free tutorials, so send me an e-mail if you need help! :) -jamie @