Monday, October 17, 2011

Canvas Art...Failed...Rescued!

It all began with a $5 clearance poster of the Solar System.
Big Brother loves all things Star Wars, Outer Space and the like.

The poster was not all that pleasing to the eye, but I figured I could spruce it up somehow.
Did I mention I had a 50% off coupon {{yaaaay!}}
We found a large canvas marked down 60%, seemed like fate.
Poor Big Brother has a newly furnished room (all constructed from modified plans from Ana White, by my talented Hubby), but his walls are a vast expanse of barren nothingness.

I thought it could be a more respectable display if it were Mod Podged to the canvas. Framing posters is just cost prohibitive, kind of like putting diamond earrings on a pig...

Sure lots of people have decoupaged onto canvas...I'm not one of them though. The wrinkles that arose were devastating to say the least. Hubby was convinced the damage was irreversible.

See, not pretty to start, add wrinkles and warping :(

Lucky for me, I was able to peel the poster off the canvas and left it all to dry. Tomorrow was another day.
New plan,  I spray painted the canvas with some chalkboard paint (because it was the right color and in the garage, which I have yet to try out as a writing surface)

Cut out each individual planet and respective moons and mod podged them in order from the sun.
You can the texture from where i was trying to attach the poster as well as an impression mark where Little Sister was helping. Which are not noticeable in the end.

I added the planet names and various stars from faraway galaxies and couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

For some reason every photo is flawed with glare or fuzziness, possibly some operator error involved. It actually looks so much better than I anticipated!!! Little Brother loves it, but pointed out to me that I forgot the Milky Way,~ Oops~



  1. WOW! Blayne would love this (he has had a Buzz Lightyear bedroom most of his 12 years). We've thrown out so many space posters. Definitely filing this in the "to-do" box.

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  3. Great job! That looks like a lot of work! So happy to have you @ Show & Share! Thanks for linking up!